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Make Green Rug Cleaning in Pacific Palisades the Norm

Area and Oriental rugs add to the décor of your Pacific Palisades home and increase its beauty quotient. A well-paced rug, be it on the floor or wall, enhances the character of a room and also completes the furnishing of a beautifully decorated room. However, rugs, just like carpets, tend to act as filters and trap dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria. So, these contaminants tend to stay within the four walls of your home, diminishing the indoor air quality.

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades

Rather than using harsh chemicals that can damage your rug and also pose a risk to your health, it is best to use green rug cleaning service. In Pacific Palisades, you can depend on Organic Carpet Cleaning for green rug cleaning.

The Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaning

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of our customers. That is why we use just green rug cleaning techniques to restore and renew rugs. Our methods of rug cleaning remove all traces of dirt and bacteria, restore the original beauty of the rug and also improve indoor air quality.

Our Pacific Palisades customers already know we have the expertise to clean all types of rugs, right from delicate Oriental rugs to elegant and plush Persian rugs. We use specialized equipment and tools to clean rugs. We first evaluate the rug and then select the best tools and equipment to clean it thoroughly.

Organic Carpet Cleaning’s green rug cleaning methods are extremely effective as well as gentle. Our cleaning methods preserve the fibers and dye, leaving your rug looking fresh and vibrant. We are very proud of our specially formulated rug cleaning agents. These proprietary organic products remove dirt, dust and germs without leaving behind residues. As a result, when you use our organic rug cleaning service, you can rest assured knowing your rugs will stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Our organic rug cleaning service helps you maintain a safe and healthy environment at home for your kids and pets.

Why Use Professional Rug Cleaning Service?

Whether you have an Oriental area rug or a Romanian Tabriz rug, it requires special care. This care enhances the life and durability of the rug. Since you have spent a lot of money in purchasing the rug, you will want it to last long and also get good return on your investment. The only way to ensure this is by opting for a professional and green rug cleaning service.

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to inform you our cleaning technicians undergo rigorous training and have the necessary skills and expertise to gently yet thoroughly clean any type of area rug.

Our certified cleaning technicians first inspect your rug to determine the best cleaning technique and green rug cleaning product. It is only after that the cleaning process begins. We keep you in the loop throughout the process. Hence, you will know at each stage what are technicians are doing and why. At the same time, our cleaning technicians are not obtrusive and clean your area rug with minimal disruption to your daily life and routine.

Once we finish cleaning the rug with our green and eco-friendly rug cleaning methods, it is inspected to ensure the cleaning meets our standards. Once we are satisfied, we welcome you to inspect the rug.

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Contact Organic Carpet Cleaning in Pacific Palisades today to restore your rug. We use specialized cleaning and drying techniques that minimize the adverse impact caused due to cleaning on the environment and your home. Our methods also minimize wicking while preserving the dyes within the fibers.

Put your trust on the best green rug cleaning service in Pacific Palisades. Our trained and certified cleaning techniques will strive to restore the beauty of your rugs, while making sure no harmful or toxic chemicals enter your home.

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