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Pet Stain and Odor Removal from Your Pacific Palisades Home

Pets offer companionship and make wonderful addition to your family. They also foster social relationships, as research has shown. Furthermore, research shows people with pets tend to have better cardiovascular and mental health. However, pet ownership comes with its own challenges. Any pet owner will tell you accidents are part and parcel of having a pet. Even if your cat, dog, bird or ferret is well-trained, the chances of bathroom accidents inside a Pacific Palisades home are high.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Pacific Palisades

If you use a store-bought chemical, not only you are introducing chemicals into your home, you also will not know how the chemical will affect your carpet. Thankfully, homes in Pacific Palisades don’t have to think about using chemicals for pet stains and odors, as they can turn to Organic Carpet Cleaning for green pet stain and odor removal.

A Green Method to Tackle Pet Stain and Odor

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we have mastered the art of removing pet stains and odors without damaging your flooring or carpet. We have decades of experience in removing all types of pet-created stains and odors. What makes us special is our green stain and odor removal methods.

We know your pet is precious. The last thing you will want is introducing harsh and toxic chemicals in your home that could put the wellbeing of your pet and family members at risk. This is one of the main reasons many homeowners rather live with the unpleasant stench and/or splotch than resort to using chemicals. This can be embarrassing when you get guests over. You will have a lot of explaining to do why you home has an unpleasant odor and unsightly stains all over the carpet.

With Organic Carpet Cleaning, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can get rid of pet stains and odor and also make sure your home smells fresh and clean with our innovative organic pet stain and odor removal techniques.

Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removal in Pacific Palisades

We use hot water extraction method to remove stains and odors caused by pets. This method flushes out embedded as well as suspended particles from the carpet, leaving it clean and odor-free. In addition, we use organic stain and odor removal agents that do not harm the fibers of your carpet.

It is prudent to remember air fresheners will not mask pet odors. The unpleasant smell will permeate through your carpet and home. This is because if pet accidents are not cleaned immediately, the urine or waste manages to get deep into the fibers, sometimes even reaching the padding below. Furthermore, the odor makes the pet believe it is alright to use the same spot again. With Organic Carpet Cleaning, you can rest easy. We use organic carpet cleaning solutions to remove all residues of pet urine and stains from deep inside the carpet. So, your carpet will look fresh and smell clean.

Our Ironclad Guarantee

We will deep cleanse your carpet with our specially formulated green pet stain and odor removal products. And, if you are dissatisfied, our highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians will persevere until you are happy with our services. We have never had to use this guarantee ever, as we know our green and eco-friendly methods work seamlessly.

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, our priority is making your Pacific Palisades home look and smell clean and fresh. We also give equal importance to your wellbeing and health. That is why we believe in using environmentally-friendly pet stain and odor removal methods. Besides pre-treating and extracting stains and odors, we also apply an organic protective coating on your carpet to protect it from future stains and accidents.

Contact Organic Carpet Cleaning in Pacific Palisades today for green pet stain and odor removal. Our services are suitable for home that have had or are having trouble house-breaking their pets.

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