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Cleaning, Protecting and Preserving Hardwood Floors in Pacific Palisades

Organic Carpet Cleaning has been offering green hardwood floor cleaning services in Pacific Palisades for decades. During this time, we have honed our cleaning techniques to suit the needs of our customers. We realize there are certain challenges when it comes to hardwood floor cleaning. Simple mopping will not get rid of the ground-in dirt and scuff marks. Instead of spending hours trying to restore the luster of your hardwood flooring, it is best to utilize the organic hardwood floor cleaning services that Organic Carpet Cleaning has to offer to homes across Pacific Palisades.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Pacific Palisades

Our green hardwood floor cleaning process extracts dirt and grime from the cracks and crevices and also helps to improve indoor air quality. We have an effective and thorough three-stage cleaning process that helps enhance the life of your hardwood floor.

Deep Cleaning of Hardwood Floor

We have high-tech equipment that gently cleans the floor, while extracting all the dirt. Even tough stains and contaminants are seamlessly removed through our proprietary organic hardwood floor cleaning agents. You need not worry about excessive cleaning solution being on your floor, as we use powerful vacuum that extracts the dirt and excess solution without causing any damage to your hardwood floor.

After extracting the dirt and grime, we then clean the floor by hand to ensure those hard-to-reach areas are also cleaned thoroughly. As a part of our deep cleaning process, we restore the pH of the floor using our specially formulated wood cleaner that traps any remaining dirt and residue. The entire deep cleaning process makes use of non-toxic and green hardwood floor cleaning agents that do not cause any odor or toxic fumes. What you get is a dust- and dirt-free flooring that is safe for your family members, including pets.

Protecting Hardwood Flooring

Once our cleaning crew cleans the hardwood floor, we then apply an organic protective coating on the floor to give it a sheen and extend the life of the flooring. This fast-drying solution is completely odor- and chemical-free. It acts as a protective barrier that prevents your hardwood floor from getting scratches and scuff marks. It also helps enhance the beauty of the floor.

Preserving Hardwood Floors

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, the process of cleaning hardwood floors using our innovative and unique green cleaning methods does not end with the cleaning of the flooring. Our highly trained, skilled and experienced cleaning technicians also offer tips to homeowners in Pacific Palisades on how to preserve the flooring.

We recommend you sweep and vacuum the floor regularly, and avoid applying industrial cleaners that are filled with harmful and toxic chemicals. You should also not use oil soaps and wax on the flooring, as these products can compromise the integrity of the surface and also make it tough for you to clean it.

To avoid stains, it is best to use a microfiber to remove spills the moment they occur. And, to keep the flooring from getting scratched, refrain from dragging furniture or walking with high heels. We also recommend, you keep your four-legged family members away from hardwood flooring, as their claws can scratch the surface.

Organic Carpet Cleaning offers a unique way to clean hardwood floors. Contact us today to renew and rejuvenate your home with our organic hardwood floor cleaning service. We recommend you get your hardwood flooring professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months to extend its life and retain its sheen and beauty.

When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning in Pacific Palisades, Organic Carpet Cleaning should be your first choice, particularly if you don’t want harsh chemicals entering your home. We offer 45-minute response time and will clean the floor with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Contact us today for free evaluation and quote. You will just love the way we clean hardwood floors using green and organic hardwood floor cleaning products. We don’t take your health and wellbeing lightly.

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